Volunteering with Cruse

The Bereavement volunteer role is a good opportunity to support people managing their grief.  The initial training provides a foundation for Volunteers to work on a 1:1 basis either in clients homes or in agreed venues.


Additional training is provided for Volunteers who are interested in supporting clients in other ways, such as  facilitating group support, Telephone support, Helpline, facilitating welcome events.

Cruse Lancashire provides regular update training throughout the year which is based at our office in Preston or venues in local areas.


Our next Volunteer Training course will begin in 2020.  For more information, or an application pack, please contact the team on 07508 278063 or lancashire@cruse.org.uk



Becoming a Volunteer

We usually hold training courses once a year so we are constantly increasing our volunteer numbers—the more volunteers we have, the more clients we can see, which enables our waiting lists to stay as low as possible.

We offer training to anyone who would like to offer their time to volunteer with Cruse Lancashire. Our Bereavement Support Foundataion course enables the volunteers to be able to service the needs of our bereaved clients and to understand the difficulties surrounding grief. Once your application form is received, we will invite you to take part in an informal interview so we can find out more about you and why you are interested in working with Cruse. If you are successful you will be invited to take a place on the course.



While most of the course is practical based, there is some theory that must also be carried out. Every participant must produce a portfolio to support their learning during the course—this can be scarier than it sounds, especially for those who have been out of education for some time but you will be fully supported throughout the course. Each session will have at least 1 portfolio mentor on hand to approach if any help is needed—they will be able to give feedback, offer examples and help when it is needed. Our mentors are all bereavement volunteers who have completed the course themselves and produced their own portfolios. A mock portfolio is also available to look at, so this process can be as stress free as possible. Once the course has been completed, our Head Office will request a small selection of portfolios which will be sent to our moderators. This is to check that all of the necessary work has been completed, and the trainer will receive feedback. The portfolios are then returned with official Cruse certificates.

At the end of the course, we will invite you to partake in a final interview, in which you will be asked about what you have learnt. If you are accepted, you will be offered the role of a Bereavement Support Volunteer and will be invited to a consolidation day, where you will meet your colleagues and supervisor. 

All of our volunteers are allocated a professional and dedicated supervisor to ensure that your needs are met and to discuss anything whilst you are seeing clients. You will need to meet with your supervisor every 4-6 weeks. We would try to give you a supervisor as close to you as possible, so expenses are kept to a minimum (we currently pay 45p per mile after initial training to Cruse based travel—training, supervision, client work). Please note- expenses for travel to the initial course cannot be claimed.

In addition to the initial training course, all volunteers must complete 15 hours of ongoing training/continuous professional development per year, to ensure that new skills are being put into practice. These training sessions are held at various locations throughout Lancashire and consist of some full day sessions and some 2 hour evening sessions. Not all sessions need to be attended, but a register is taken and attendance is monitored.

Client Work

Once training and DBS clearance is completed you would be able to begin client work. As we cover the whole of Lancashire, we would try to get you matched with a client in your area or as near as possible so expenses can be kept to a minimum. You will be allocated a client from the waiting list and make contact with them to arrange a suitable appointment time. Client visits last 1 hour and you will travel to see them in their own homes unless this is not suitable and alternative locations can be agreed to complete the sessions in. You can choose when you work—some prefer evening work, others who have more time will choose to work in the day, this can be fit around your lifestyle—all that is asked is that you can see one client for an hour’s session a week—the sessions are not currently time limited so they can last for as long as the client needs. Some need just one session, others need more but most cases are an average of 4 sessions.

When you have completed 60 client hours, your supervisor will carry out a review which will be sent to the Area Office. Once this has been received course certificates will be issued.


Other Areas

We also offer opportunities in other areas of Cruse, for example, Supervisors. We are always in need of supervisors to look after the needs of our bereavement support volunteers. If you have a qualification in Field Supervision and would be willing to offer some of your time to Cruse, please contact us for further information.

We also have many other roles available within Cruse Lancashire. We are always on the lookout for fundraisers, ambassadors, committee members and trainers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us, please contact Carol on 07508 278063