Free booklets

We can offer a number of free leaflets and fact sheets covering many aspects of bereavement.




This booklet can help you in bereavement, with information about what you might be feeling, how you can take care of yourself, how as a friend or relative you can help others in their bereavement, looking to the future.



A six page leaflet to help you when someone close to you may have died in sudden and/or traumatic circumstances. You may have witnessed the death, or the deaths and injury of others. This leaflet explains some common reactions and sources of help.



        This leaflet is designed to help you understand some of the ways children
        respond and how you may be able to help them.
           A leaflet about Death, Bereavement and grief for young people.


           See also Cruses young people's website Hope Again.


Supporting Military Families

             Supporting the military family

            Information for parents and carers.

            The death of someone close is often devastating and life changing.

            Grief is unique and no two children will grieve in the same way.


We also have a number of leaflets available in our area office which we can send out – should you wish to order some of these, please contact Carol, our Area Coordinator on 01772 795596 or